Glade Creek Out-and-Back

Description: This has got to be one of the best little day hikes in WV. I say that because the beauty to effort ratio is so high for such a nice hike itís truly unbelievable. All except 0.2 miles is on a railroad grade with a total elevation gain of around 600 feet - pretty easy walking with too many rapids, mini-falls and neat swimming holes to count. Before you start the hike check out the primitive campground and the view from the river access point.

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Just before route 41, Johnstown Rd, crosses the New River turn right onto Glade Creek Road.  Follow this gravel road for approximately 6.2 miles. The trailhead is on the right. The primitive campground and River Access is to the left.




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Trail Notes: The trailhead parking area is immediately to the right of the kiosk. You can see the old railroad grade to the left of the photo. Follow it upstream. Some of the initial part of the trail seems to be more prone to damage then the rest but the Forest Service keeps it pretty open. You'll immediately begin to enjoy the many water works as the creek tumbles towards the New River. In 0.86 miles you'll pass an exceptional waterfall and swimming hole. In another 2.02 miles pass a bend in the creek where it has severely cut underneath a steep cliff. Soon cross to the other side of the creek on a well constructed wood and steel bridge.


In 1.58 miles reach the Kate's Fall Trail on the left. Turn here and follow a rocky trail for a short distance to the base of a pleasant waterfall. This is a great lunch spot. The trail is supposed to continue up to the Kate's Plateau Trail but it is extremely steep. If you wish to attempt it turn right onto the Plateau Trail and rejoin the Glade Creek Trail at its southern terminus. Turn right onto it and retrace your steps back to your vehicle. This will add about 2 miles to the hike. Otherwise, do an about face at the first falls and return to your vehicle.


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Name: Tony Woodrum                                                                                                          Hike: Glade Creek Trail WV
Date: 9/01/2012                                                                                                                   Rating: 4.0

Critique: My wife and I are 50 years old and decided too start hiking again. I grew up in these mountains of WV and have a deep passion for what God has created here for us.
Upon entering the trailhead, you will soon be confronted by what seems like small narrow overgrown weedy trail...this soon turns into an open wooded nice trail along an old rail bed. A few old relics along the way takes you back in time too a time when steam whistles filled the air and the sound of an old logging shay coming up the mountain would have been an every day event.
The stream was really low while we were there but after a bit we came up on a beautiful hole of water with a nice rock waterfall had the creek been running a bit more. Several of these are right along the trail as you traverse up a very subtle incline.
We turned back before the walk bridge and headed back too camp at the waters edge in one of the several primitive sites they have.
The new river runs past the camp and has great fishing however you can only keep fish that arent bass (smallmouth, largemouth and spotted) are catch and release in this section. But the fishing is great.
Also.....the water is great shape in Glade Creek and also in the New River.....I filter all my water but wouldnt hesitate too drink right from either water body.
Camping is free but only on the numbered is not legal too set up anywhere other than numbered campsites.
You are in copperhead/ rattlesnake country here but we didnt see any bears, coons, or skunks bothered anything at camp either.
Very peaceful place and extremely beautiful camping and hiking experience.




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