Mason - Dixon Trail/Otter Creek Loop


Description: I always thought this was a 6 mile hike. My software tells me it is only a little over 4 miles. It must seem longer because of the bushwhack! I still recommend it because of the view at the overlook and the solitude found along Otter Creek. The Holtwood Recreation area has such beautiful streams.


Warning: This hike includes a 1.1 mile bushwhack along a section of Otter Creek and one wide stream crossing. Originally this was mostly considered an “open Woods” bushwhack but the presence of recent large blow-downs will require a bit more work for this one segment!!!


Do not park at the boat ramp if it is posted. Ask the campground host if you can park there. They are usually quite amenable to hikers. Besides, they sell Hershey's ice cream. Our favorite is Moose Tracks if they still have it.


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Trail Notes: From the parking lot, Cross the bridge over otter Creek and immediately proceed up the blue blazed Mason Dixon Trail. At the top of the hill come to an intersection. Turn right to stay on the Mason-Dixon Trail. Pass through some tall evergreens and in 0.48 miles cross RT 425. The continuation of the trail is a few yards downhill behind a forest gate.


Follow this old forest road until you reach a small stream. The woods road goes straight and eventually will reconnect with the trail. At this point you want to turn right and follow the blazes along and across the stream. Climb steeply to Urey Overlook (0.44 miles from the last RT 425 crossing).


From here follow the trail until it reconnects with the woods road. Follow it out to RT 425 again and cross the road for the final time. Continue to follow the Mason-Dixon Trail around private property until it descends quickly through a series of switchbacks to Otter Creek (0.75 miles from the last road crossing).


This is where the bushwhack begins. Because of high valley walls and rocky ledges you have to cross here or a little further upstream. After crossing turn downstream, staying as close to the creek as possible. At times you will have to climb over or scoot under blow-downs and at other times it will be better if you climb up the hill just a bit and go around them. Just keep the creek in your sight. In a couple of places you might come close to walking in the creek but there is a narrow tread across rocks that will preclude this. At about 0.4 miles from the crossing you will notice that the creek and valley make a sharp right turn. At this point it is not necessary to follow the stream. Cut across the point of land and regain the creek on the other side. In about another 1/3 of a mile you will find yourself on a pretty decent footpath. I think this is an unofficial extension of the Otter Creek Trail.


Soon arrive at another sharp right turn in the creek. Here you should start to see sporadic red blazes.

At about 0.4 miles from this point the trail goes up a small stream a few yards, crosses it and follows Otter creek from a slightly higher elevation. A green blazed Gamelands trail follows the side stream. Continue following the creek and red blazes. As you reach the campground look for a series of sharp switchbacks on the left that takes you back down to the creek and then out to your cars. If you miss this turn-off just walk through the campground, stop at the camp store, buy some ice cream and follow the blue blazed Mason-Dixon Trail (to the left of the store) back to your car.

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Name: Ed Lyman                                                                                                      Hike: MD-Otter Creek w/ bushwhack
Date: 3/31/2012                                                                                                      Rating: 4

Critique: Great hike. BE WARNED: DO NOT PARK AT THE BOAT RAMP WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING AT THE CAMPGROUND. When we arrived, the gate was open, we figured it was fair game, so we parked. When we returned the gate was locked. $50/car to get out. It is well-posted, but we didn't read carefully.



Name: Michele                                                                                                          Hike: Otter Creek/Mason Dixion
Date: 5/1/2010                                                                                                        Rating: 3

Critique: I decided to do this trip backwards so I could see the overlook last, kind of a grand finale. As said before the parking lot is closed. There is actually a for sale sign on it.

When we started out things went fine, clear markings, good views. But eventually we realized there were no more markings...anywhere. We ended up on a small, mostly gravel road and followed that for some time. Eventually we picked up the blue path again. But less then 1/2 mile later there were no more markings. We had our dog with us and she was getting hot and tired so we heading down hill to where we could hear water. This was on a trail, but no color to speak of. All I know is that it was near the game lands. After cooling her off we followed the creek. We thought we were close to the camp, turns out we were no where near to where the map given to us by the campground picks up.

But we continued on enjoying the view and following what was probably a deer path. It was very difficult to stay near the creek so we were forced uphill many times. Eventually we found the part of the creek that makes a very sharp turn and realized we were very close to 425. We abandoned the creek and ran up hill to the road. From there we went north to pick up the blue trail again to the overlook.

We found a total of 6 ticks between me, my fiance, and the dog. Went through 8 bottles of water, and 10 granola bars. When we got back home and took a look at another map to see where we had really gone it looked like we traveled between 5 and 6 miles, with very steep areas.

It was a great work out, with great memories, but the trails may need a little more upkeep.



Name: Wayne Reno                                                                                                 Hike: Mason - Dixon Trail/Otter Creek Loop
Date: 11/21/2009                                                                                                   Rating: 4.0

Critique: I really enjoyed this hike having never been to the Urey Overlook before or the upper portion of Otter Creek from the bushwhack section on down.

I did have a problem finding the path on the red, Otter Creek Trail where the blazes seemed to disappear on the East side shortly after the Mason-Dixon trail ascends from the creek up to 425 (this is not the route recommended in this hike but serves as a reference point).

I continued downstream past the stone foundation of an old cabin and found a red blaze. I continued to the sharp right turn in the creek approximately here.

39.884136°, -76.385277°

At the creek edge there's no apparent trail or red blazes. I bushwhacked along the creek for awhile and then ascended the steep hill on the left without finding any red blazes. Instead of bushwhacking back to the campground, I continued over the ridge and down to reconnect with the blue blazes of the MDT.

Questions: While following the red Otter Creek trail on the map, was I on the correct side of the creek (East) and did I just miss the red trail by staying by the creek to the sharp bend?


M.R.Hyker's note: You need to ford the stream and bushwhack down the south-west bank.



Name: Pete                                                                                                               Hike: Otter Creek-Mason-Dixon Trail

Date: 09/23/07                                                                                                       Rating: 3.75  


Critique: Having lost a day on a backpacking trip that ended for me too soon, I went down to Otter Creek to see one of PA’s most beautiful streams, since I hadn’t been to Otter Creek before.


As in the other critique, the parking lot was gated shut so I parked at the campground with their permission. A couple of local bicyclists passing by as I pondered the map by the gate, said it’s gated shut nearly all the time now.


Hiking during leaf-on sees many of the trail markings obscured by branches, even on the Mason-Dixon Trail but especially on the others. Urey Overlook is nearly totally obscured by saplings. It’s a winter overlook now until someone gets there with a chain saw.


The lower trail at the end is signed “no trespassing” at the campground stairs and “no trespassing” with orange snow fence at the end facing the former parking lot. That’s too bad since I unknowingly hiked it from the other end (marked with a high concentration of “no swimming and diving, hidden rocks” signs on the upper trail) and passed a couple of nice small falls and through a curious rock cut.


Maybe when the electricity rate cap ends in PA then PPL will feel rich enough to improve the trails here as they have at some of their other sites across the river.


Speaking of the other side of the river, on another occasion I lengthened a Kelly’s Run/Pinnacle hike by walking over to and around the ghost town of Holtwood since I could see it on the quad. It’s visible just on the bottom of the map for #96. You can see foundations, front steps, etc. by following the curb lines of the old streets through the overgrowth. It wasn’t posted against trespassing when I was there (might be two years ago now). Just follow the road over from the switchback in the “Kelly’s Run Return Trail” down across Holtwood Rd and climb up the other side.


I wondered why someone felt compelled to demolish the homes until I realized there are no cuts in the curbs for driveways. Maybe a pedestrian village would have survived down DC way, but not in southern Lancaster County after the dam workers moved away. (BTW, Safe Harbor dam has a similar patch village initially built for dam workers, but since that dam wasn’t built until 1930 they added garages there.)


Thanks as always for the good stuff on your site.


Name: Local                                                                                                              Hike: Otter Creek-Mason-Dixon Trail
Date: March 2007                                                                                                     Rating: 3.5

Critique: We went the reverse direction from the guide provided, mostly due to some washouts.  The parking is no longer available.  We asked the campground and they were nice enough to let us park for the day.

This is a reasonably good trail, but as stated, some washout has occurred.  Some markers are spread a little far (make sure your hiking partner can see forest green blazes on the trees).  The logging area is a little depressing, but makes for a good walk.  The bushwhack is the best part, and entertaining.

The creek walk is clearly marked.  Large, stable logs to cross on are located about 50-100 yards either side of the crossing, in the event of high water.

The overlook is a good place for a break on the return trip.


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