Canaan Mountain Grand Circuit

Description: This is a 15.4 mile moderate circuit hike. I tend to categorize anything over 10 miles as being strenuous but the modest elevation gains and significant amount of road walking causes me to list this as moderate. I had actually planned on doing a 12+ mile loop described elsewhere on this site but a missed intersection compelled me to attempt this longer route. It can easily be accomplished in 8-9 hours, including lunch and breaks, with a day pack. The hike features mature woods with gigantic Hemlocks and Red Spruce, streams and a fantastic view from Table Rock.


Park at the Lindy Point Overlook lot on the right just before CLR13 becomes gravel.

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Trail Notes: From the Lindy Point Overlook parking area walk south on gravel CLR13. Soon pass the park boundary. Descend and cross Lindy Run. At 0.7 miles from the parking area turn left onto un-signed Lindy Run Trail (This portion of the trail is no longer maintained by the Forest Service.)). The sign states 1.5 miles to Plantation Trail. My calculations estimate this distance to be about 1.2 miles.


At 0.5 miles from joining Lindy Run Trail cross Lindy Run. This is usually a rock hop. In 0.7 miles from the stream crossing reach the intersection with Plantation Trail (TR101).


Turn right onto Plantation Trail. Cross Lindy Run again and climb a short hill. On the right is a meadow filled with Hay Scented Fern suitable for several tents. There is a fire ring in the middle. There are several spots along this segment of Plantation Trail under the bows of giant Hemlocks that would make great campsites but they are dry. If you intend to use them “water up” at the last Lindy Run crossing.


At about 1.3 miles from leaving Lindy Run reach the difficult-to-recognize juncture with unsigned Railroad Grade Trail. Stop here and study the trails. For about 30 yards both trails share the same tread. The Railroad Grade Trail bears slightly to the left through a trough and has a blue diamond blaze in eye sight while the Plantation trail climbs a rise on the right. Follow the blazed Railroad Grade Trail to the left.


The Railroad Grade Trail first goes directly up the trough and then follows the right berm for a bit before crossing over to the left berm. Eventually the grade rises to follow the valley wall along a trail softened by Hemlock and Spruce needles. In 0.6 miles from the last trail intersection cross a stream and arrive at a large shelter. There are campsites on the hill behind it and even better ones to the right of the trail not far from the shelter.


From there it is a pleasant 1.2 mile jaunt out to CLR13. Turn right onto CLR13 and hike to the junction of Table Rock Trail (TR113), passing unmarked FR412 on the left (crosses Red Run) at 0.74 miles from the Railroad Grade Trail and FR244, also on the left, in another 0.77 miles. Arrive at Table Rock Trail in another 1.74 miles.

Turn left onto Table Rock Trail. The trail is obvious in most places except through some rock screes. Luckily, the trail becomes obvious at the end of the screes. Near the top of the slope the pace becomes slower as you negotiate a series of seeps.


As you reach the end, the trail splits. A lesser view is to the left. Bear right, passing through a nice but dry campsite, to see the real views. Retrace your steps to CLR13.


Turn left on CLR13 for less than 0.1 miles and turn right onto Plantation Trail. Climb for less than 0.5 miles and descend to the fringe of a peat bog. Climb again, reaching that confusing intersection with the Railroad Grade Trail at about 2.0 miles from CLR13.


This time bear left and follow the Railroad Grade Trail back down to CLR13 reaching it in about 1.2 miles. This section of trail is ill-maintained but is still a good connection with the rest of the trail system. Note that the Railroad Grade Trail is unsigned here and marked only by a rusty metal post.


Turn right onto CLR13 and in 1.4 miles pass the junction with Lindy Run Trail. In another 0.7 miles reach your car at the Lindy point parking area.

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Name: Nick R.                                                                                                            Hike: Canaan Mountain Grand Circuit
Date: September 10-11, 2011                                                                               Rating: 3.5

Critique: A diverse, enjoyable fall hike. HOWEVER - the portion of Lindy Run Trail between CLR13 and Plantation Trail is no longer maintained by the Forest Service. There is no longer a sign at the intersection of Lindy Run and CLR13; only a small cairn is in place. Be alert, as it's easy to miss the turn. Once you're on Lindy Run, the trail is fairly easy to follow, despite being a bit overgrown. The intersection of Lindy Run and the Plantation Trail does have a sign, and the remainder of the hike is well-marked. For example, the intersection of Plantation Trail and the Railroad Grad is now clearly marked.

If you keep those caveats in mind, I recommend the hike as a quick but diverse introduction to WV hiking. Table Rock and Lindy Point have epic vistas, and the forest has an interesting variety of terrain and flora: hemlocks, spruce, peat bogs, etc. And when you're done hiking, you can feast on the cheap at Hellbender Burritos in nearby Davis.


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