Plantation Trail/CLR13 Loop


Description: This is a moderate 12.4 mile loop utilizing the Lindy Run Trail, Plantation Trail, Table Rock Trail and then CRL13 as the return leg. Lindy Run and Plantation Trails are quite pleasant with features discussed in the Canaan Mountain Grand Circuit. The photos linked to this hike are the same as those used for the Grand Loop I describe there. While CLR13 is a forest road much of what is hiked in this outing is not maintained and closed to regular traffic. It is quickly becoming overgrown. All in all, it provides a relatively easy and fast return leg to this loop. The views at the end of Table Rock Trail are outstanding. On clear days you can see Mozark, Shaver, Green, Backbone and several other unidentified mountains. Below you flows the drainage of Blackwater River, Otter Creek and the Dry Fork of the Cheat River. If time and stamina allow also check out the view from the Lindy Point Overlook at the start or end of the hike. It’s a 1.2 mile round trip.

 Park at the Lindy Point Overlook lot on the right just before CLR13 becomes gravel.

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Trail Notes: From the Lindy Point Overlook parking area walk south on gravel CLR13. Soon pass the park boundary. Descend and cross Lindy Run. At 0.7 miles from the parking area turn left onto the Lindy Run Trail (TR109). The portion of the trail between here and the Plantation trail has been abandoned by the U.S.F.S. because the first 100 yards is owned by a lumber company. The trail is still in good shape but hard to spot from the road. It is up on a bank before CLR13 reaches the top of a short hill just a little past yje Lindy Run Crossing.


At 0.5 miles from joining Lindy Run Trail cross Lindy Run. This is usually a rock hop. In 0.7 miles from the stream crossing reach the intersection with Plantation Trail (TR101).


Turn right onto Plantation Trail. Cross Lindy Run again and climb a short hill. On the right is a meadow filled with Hay Scented Fern suitable for several tents. There is a fire ring in the middle. There are several spots along this segment of Plantation Trail under the bows of giant Hemlocks that would make great campsites but they are dry. If you intend to use them “water up” at the last Lindy Run crossing.


At about 1.3 miles from leaving Lindy Run reach the difficult-to-recognize juncture with unsigned Railroad Grade Trail. Stop here and study the trails. For about 30 yards both trails share the same tread. The Railroad Grade Trail bears slightly to the left through a trough and has a blue diamond blaze in eye sight while the Plantation trail climbs a rise on the right. The northbound leg of the Railroad Grade Trail is behind your right shoulder. Continue on the Plantation Trail to your right.


Descend through a mix of Hemlocks, Spruces and mixed hardwoods to a peat bog at about 1.4 miles from the last trail junction. Skirt the bog to the right, climb slightly and descend to CLR13 in 0.5 more miles. Caution: this part of CLR13 is maintained and open to traffic but is lightly used.

Turn left on CLR13 and travel less than 0.1 miles to the Table Rock Trailhead. Turn right onto this trail. The trail is obvious in most places except through some rock screes. Luckily, the trail becomes evident at the end of the screes. Near the top of the slope the pace becomes slower as you negotiate a series of seeps.


As you reach the end, the trail splits. A lesser view is to the left. Bear right, passing through a nice but dry campsite, to see the real views. Retrace your steps to CLR13.


Turn left on CLR13 and follow it back to your car. At 0.1 miles pass Plantation Trail on the right. In another mile pass Mountain View Trail on your left. Somewhere beyond this point road maintenance ceases and will become quite apparent. In another 2.0 miles pass unsigned Railroad Grade Trail marked with a lone rusty post on the right. In another 1.38 miles arrive at the junction of Lindy Run Trail. From there walk another 0.7 miles back to the car.


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Name: Zach                                                                                                               Hike: Plantation Tr/CLR 13 Loop 

Date: 05/04/13                                                                                                        Rating: 3


Critique: First and foremost, this website is an invaluable resource for hikers throughout the region and I am incredibly appreciative of it. All directions and trail descriptions were accurate for the hike - finding Lindy off of CLR13 should be easy as long as you make sure you are looking for a small rock cairn just off the side of the road. As noted in the description, the USFS no longer maintains the Lindy Run Trail to the Plantation trail - this is easily noticeable as the trail is becoming impassable at points thanks to the sheer number of blowdowns on the trail. Unfortunately, this does not cease once you reach the Plantation Trail, as some sections may take several minutes to move a mere 10 feet. Estimating that there were at least 25 blowdowns severely blocking the trail would seem to be a conservative estimate after finishing the hike. The area was very scenic regardless, however the frequency of blowdowns made this a very stressful hike. Fortunately this ceases once you reach the Table Rock trail. The views at Table Rock are absolutely incredible and are worth the distressing hike down the Lindy and Plantation trails. The walk back on CLR13 is certainly long, but it is a very pleasant and easy walk. I don't believe any vehicles travel down the road anymore - it looks like it'd be a very difficult time even for a Humvee. All in all, a recommended hike if you've already hiked most of the other areas of WV or really want to get to Table Rock. 


M.R.Hyker Note: Super Storm Sandy has really done a number on most of the hiking venues in the MNF. Forest Service personnel and volunteers are currently overwhelmed. It will take some time to get all of the trails open.            


Name: Greg and Sarah                                                                                             Hike: Plantation Tr/CLR 13 Loop
Date: 10/13/07                                                                                                        Rating: 5

Critique: This was a perfect fall hike. The leaves hadn't all started to change in the Blackwater area but they were getting there. I think next weekend they will be at their best. The weather was perfect and the view from the Table Rock overlook was fabulous. One thing to note is there are no signs for the Lindy Run Trail off of CLR 13. We missed it and ended up doing the hike backwards, which was just as good.
M.R.Hyker Note: The Lindy Run Tr from CLR 13 to the Plantation Tr has been abandoned by the U.S.F.S. because the first 100 yards is now owned by a lumber company. It is still in good condition and not posted "Private Property", etc. It can be hard to find if you're not looking for it. The Trail Notes have been modified to reflect this change.

We decided to stay the night at the Blackwater SP campground and head to the Purple Fiddle, based on your recommendation, for dinner and to listen to the Farewell Drifters. The food was delicious and the bluegrass was even better. The long black-haired waitress could have been a little nicer though.

If you head out next weekend, the view from the Table Rocks should be amazing.



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