Dolly Sods North Master Map

As of October 1st, 2004 the USFS has assigned Trail names and numbers to the trail system in Dolly Sods North. The following is the entire inventory:

509: Upper Red Creek Trail. North terminus at Dobbin Grade. South terminus at Black Bird Knob Trail. Length about 1.2 miles

520: Beaver Dam Trail. East terminus on FR75. West terminus on Dobbin Grade. Length 0.7 miles.

521: Raven Ridge Trail: Now includes all of Grassy Trail. South terminus on Dobbin Grade. North Terminus on Cabin Mt at what is now called Rocky Ridge Trail. (Note: signs will not be placed on any portion of Raven Ridge Trail until the northern 0.25 miles is rerouted off of private property. Pink flagging currently marks the new route at this section.) Length about 2.6 miles.

522: Bear Rocks Trail. East terminus at FR75. West terminus near the center of NEW Raven Ridge Trail. Length 2.2 miles.

523: Beaver View Trail. North terminus Raven Ridge Trail. South terminus Dobbin Grade. Length 1.1 miles.

524: Rocky Ridge Trail (formerly part of Cabin Mt North Tr). North terminus Raven Ridge Trail (See note for Raven Ridge Trail concerning signage.). South terminus Black Bird Knob Trail (previously Black Bird Knob West Trail). Length 2.4 miles.

525: Harman Trail (Formerly Black Trail). West terminus Rocky Ridge Trail. South terminus Black Bird Knob Trail. Length 1.3 miles.

526: Dobbin Grade. Includes all of Dobbin grade south of Bear Rocks Trail and a section of the old Harman Trail. North terminus Bear Rocks Trail. West terminus Rocky Ridge Trail. Length 4.3 miles.

New trailhead kiosks will be erected at the eastern termini of Black Bird Knob, Beaver Dam and Bear Rocks Trails. Also of note is the fact that almost all of FS80 has been re-graded and fresh gravel applied making car travel to the west side of Dolly Sods Wilderness possible.

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