Other Hiking Links

The Hiking Upward Website

This is an excellent site hosted by Tony Van Vugt. If you want info on day hikes in northern VA and north-east WV this is the site to visit. With details for over 40 hikes posted you should find a trek to your liking!

The PA Hikes Website

Scott Adams specializes in hikes in PA. I've recently reviewed this site and I like what I see: maps, descriptions, trail notes, photos for hikes in central and north-central PA. Some just happen to be at venues that are on my "to explore list" so I'll be visiting this site a lot in the near future.

Dimitri has been leading hikes and collecting GPS data over the past five years plus. He finally began organizing the knowledge he has gained on this web site. Currently it features 300+ hikes in the Mid-Atlantic.  Stop back often as he is constantly adding information to the site.

A site dedicated to the experiences shared around a fire ring. It includes  photos taken on various hikes in Maryland and around the country and stories about hiking and camping.

A project of the Great Eastern Trail Association, working with American Hiking Society and local trail partners, to create America's newest long distance trail for hikers from Alabama to New York!

The Slackpacker Website

I don't know how he does it but Rick has been able to develop a site with links to assorted sites concerning hikes in all of the states. The sites range from Plain Jane with basic info to ones that have all of the bells and whistles found on a professionaly maintained site.

Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links

Steve, an avid hiker from Colorado, maintains this index of hiking links in all 50 states. A job well done!

Sierra Club, Howard Cnty, MD

This is probably the most active Sierra Club Chapter in the state of MD when it comes to outings. Many of my trips are sponsored by them. They are also one of the few hiking club sites that maintain an extensive photo gallery of all of their trips. Hosted by Ken Clark.

Saki gets involved in almost anything to do with the outdoors. He is also a physical fitness and marshal arts nut.

The American Trails Website

American Trails is an index of useful links for all kinds of outdoors info. Search by state.

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy

Another great group that sponsors my WV trips. At the forfront of many fights to save WV wilderness areas such as Blackwater Falls Canyon.

The Trailpixie Website

Marc has been maintaining this site since Hector was a pup!!! SOme really great photography, anecdotes and map work. A lot of his work focuses on WV but he explores other interesting places.

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Website

OK, if it weren't for these folks there would be no trails in the Shenandoah National Park, Lee Ranger District of the GWNF, PA Michaux State Forest, AT or Tuscarora Trail. Yep, they're the trail fairies that keep the trails open for us hikers. Consider signing up for one of their work parties or making a donation.

The Maryland Outdoor Club Website

This is a great MD organization with the focus on outdoor fun. They'll hike one weekend and go canoeing or biking the next...

The Allegheny Front Trail Website

The home page of the newest backpacking trail in PA thanks to Ralph Seeley and all of the volunteers. Page hosted by Dave Padula.

The Center Hiking Club Website

This club has been organizing hikes, backpack trips, canoe adventures and the like for over 60 years. They are a D.C., MD, VA based group. Check them out!


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