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Printable Big Schloss Directions and Trail Notes

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Directions from I-81:
  1. At Woodstock, take Rt 42 West for 5.8 miles.
  2. At Columbia Furnace turn right onto SR 675. Turn left immediately after crossing the bridge to stay on SR 675.
  3. At the junction with SR 717 bear right staying on SR 675.
  4. At about 2 miles turn right onto FDR 92 and follow to parking area on the right just before crossing Stoney Creek.

Trail notes: From the parking area, cross FDR 92 and follow the yellow-blazed Stoney Creek Trail upstream. There are a few good campsites on the right side for late arriving backpackers. Proceed up the mountain for 3.7 miles to Sugar Knob Cabin w/spring.

At 3.8 miles come to the intersection of the blue-blazed Tuscarora Trail (left and right) and the closed purple-blazed Peer trail straight ahead. Turn left onto the Tuscarora trail passing an excellent campsite on the left.

Travel uphill for a short distance and turn left onto the orange-blazed Mill Mountain Trail. (The hard part is behind you!!!) You'll find good camping on your right at the dismantled Beacon tower and on your left in a nice grassy clearing. After a while you will descend to Sandstone Spring where you can fit several tents. This is the last dependable water source on the circuit. Gradually climb back up to the ridge to a nice overlook over Trout Run Valley. Again, you can set up camp for 4-6 tents here.

 Continue past the blue-blazed Big Schloss Cut-off Trail on the left, below Big Schloss, to the white-blazed Big Schloss Spur trail. Follow this trail to the top for the best view on the entire mountain.

Return to the Big Schloss Cut-off Trail and follow it down the mountain to FDR 92. At the road turn left and follow it back to your vehicle.