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Last Updated: 04/01/07  

 Welcome to a web site full of information on hiking in the Mid-Atlantic Region (PA, MD, VA and WV) ... topo maps, 3-D maps, elevation profiles, GPS data, directions, trail notes, references, photos.... everything you need to prepare for an excursion into the wilderness. Information for 132 hikes is now available. Venues such as, but not limited to, the GWNF-Great North Mt. (North-east and South-west areas), the northern and  central sections of the Shenandoah National Park/VA,  Massanutten Mt, VA, the Michaux State Forest in PA, the Monongahela National Forest in WV and Green Ridge State Forest in MD are represented.


"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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03-31-07 - Colonel Denning - Flat Rock Loop (Maps and hike details to follow.): Since I couldn't find a lot of information on the Net about this venue I had my doubts about the quality of this hike. Usually there are tons of data out there to be had if a hike is worth doing. I think we found a sleeper ... a little hidden gem of a day hike. I was joined by Hard Core, Stacy (NO E), Shortstack, Dottie, Patrice (a rookie but boy did she out-perform many of the experience hikers in the crew), Dorothy, Treebeard, Cognac Jack, T.O.M. and the Mad Hatter.

The first 2 miles was all elevation gain, beginning as a nice, gradually ascending haul road and degenerating into a a steep rocky affair once we passed the spring house and the Colonel Denning SP boundary. The halfway point of the climb is known as the wagon wheel. Six trails join at this location. The last mile wasn't as bad as the first until the last steep, rocky climb of a couple hundred yards. There before us, for as far as the eyes could see, was the Cumberland Valley with the town of Newville right in the middle. We took a prolonged break to enjoy the vista.

The descent from the primary ridge was pretty rocky but once we passed the junction with the Lehman trail we found ourselves treated to a continuous succession of old jeep roads. Most were in relatively good shape while others were rocky. A few were pretty wet but they probably become much dryer as the year progresses. We descended into a nice stream fed hollow for another break before we started a long climb back to the Wagon Wheel and the plummeting descent down to our cars. In total we gained/lost over 4200 feet in elevation over the almost 9 mile trek. No wonder my lungs were a little sore at the end.


Latest Outing Critiques

Name: Joe                                                                                                    Hike: Overall Run-7.6 mile option
Date: 3-31-07                                                                                                              Rating: 5

Critique: Excellent hike.  I am a local who grew up playing in the Massanutten range and I have never seen anything quite like this.  The view of the valley, the canyon, and the falls themselves are just spectacular.  One point - do not be discouraged by the "strenuous" level of the hike-if my 5 lb Yorkshire terrier can make it, anyone can.


.Name: MikerTheHiker                                                                               Hike: AFT-West
Date: 3/29-3/30/07                                                                                                  Rating: 5

Critique:  This has to be one of the best hikes I've done. Thick pine forrest's and laurel patches, streamside hiking, swamps, moss covered trails; it's awesome.

 The trail is basically flat, going clockwise for 20 miles, then there are a few take-a-break hills.

 Plenty of porcupine dens/crap on this moderate trail. Crystal clear streams everywhere, and no shortage of places to set up camp.

 Recommend this hike in dryer weather out of bug season.



Name: Greg and Sarah                                                                                               Hike: Cat Rock Circuit
Date: 03/24/07                                                                                                           Rating: 5

Critique: We drove from the Pittsburgh-area that morning to hike the Catoctin Mountain hike but discovered upon entering the visitors center (with no help from the unfriendly park ranger) that the President of the United States had taken over the area, so we opted for the Cat Rock Circuit. The weather was foggy so our visibility from Cat Rocks and Bobs Hill were limited to nothing. The weather was cool and we experienced a brief shower as we approached Catoctin Hollow Road. All the rain the area received the previous days led to a spectacular display of Cunningham Falls and some slippery conditions along the trail and stream crossings (expect to get wet if the water is high!). We enjoyed the hike (the fog provided an interesting aspect) and the solitude the weather provided us. We are definitely coming back to hike the Catoctin Mountain hike but we will check the NPS website before we make the 3 hour drive. This isn't the first hike we have completed from your website and we look forward to doing many more. Thanks for providing great information.



Name: Cham Green                                                                                                     Hike: Trout Run Valley Circumnavigation
Date: 3/10-11/07                                                                                                       Rating: 5

Critique: This hike was performed in the opposite direction. Instead of using Long Mountain Trail we bushwhacked directly on the Long Mountain Ridge for awhile, camping on the ridge, and then down to the road when it became too cumbersome ultimately picking up the Halfmoon Trail.  The southernmost stretch of the ridge is fine for a bushwhack until you get to the midpoint where there was not only a fire at but also a something happened to take out the tree canopy, maybe and icestorm or gypsy moths).  The undergrowth is incredibly thick and almost impassable in March and you will get dirty from the char.  This would be undoable in the summer months.  You can get some decent mileage and really great elevation changes with this route.  Spectacular views are along almost the whole way.  For pictures and more information please check out the entry for Monday, March 12th, 2007 at



Name: Duane C                                                                                                            Hike: Lewis Falls/AT Loop
Date: 11-29-06                                                                                                            Rating: 4

Critique:  Lewis Falls trail is a great trail for you or  the family as long as you don't go after a storm.  Like some others, I too picked a bad time to hike it,  right after an ice storm, and many, many trees were down, and it Was a Workout. When trees are cleared, it should be a pleasant hike. If trees are down, there are many trails which will most likely be cleared first.  Anyway, Lewis Falls TL starts downhill, and 1.3 miles later, Lewis Falls. Chances are, you'll hear the falls before you see them.  There is a nice rock walled lookout to view the falls safely.  There is also some nice views looking off towards the west, especially in spring and fall. When leaving Lewis Falls, I recommend taking the longer, (but much easier) hike back, which leads North to the amphitheater area. Unless your in a hurry than simply go back the way you came. All in all a very nice hike and waterfall.



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