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Hemlock GorgeGunpowder Falls WestGunpowder Falla EastLong Pond BackpackC&O Canal/Long PondLog Roll-Deep Run/Big Run ShuttleGreen Ridge NorthCat Rock/Bob's Hill/Cunningham FallsCatoctin MtSugarloaf MtGathland SP to Weverton ShuttleBilly Goat Tr - Section AOregon RidgeWeverton to Maryland Heights out and backGambrill SPGreenbrier SPPVSP-Orange Grove LoopSusquehanna SPFair Hill NRMA-1Fair Hill NRMA-2Billy Goat Tr - Section C & B (Carderock)Berma Rd - C&O TowpathPiney Point-Middle Run CircuitPVSP-McKeldin Area CircuitMorgan Run Loop Gunpowder-Sweathouse Branch LoopLost Pond CircuitMorgan Run N.E.A.Greenbelt ParkCSF-Orange LoopCedarville SF-Blue and White LoopsCalvert Cliffs State Park CircuitsTuckahoe State ParkClopper Lake Circuit Patuxent River Park NorthRosaryville State Park-Perimeter TrailFMF-Clifford Hollow Loop Hashawha Perimeter Loop Four Ponds-Rock City Loop Sand Flat-Salamander Circuit Copperhead Point Out-and-Back Volkswagen Loop FMF-East Ridge Loop American Chestnut Land Trust-North American Chestnut Land trust-South Patuxent River Park South Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary Glendening Preserve Blockhouse Point C&O Canal Loop Emmitsburg Multi-User Trail System Sweet Air-East Sweet Air-West Soldier's Delight N.E.A. PVSP-Hilton Area




Miles Difficulty GPS Data Elevation Gain (feet)
Oregon Ridge Baltimore County Park 4.2 E N N/A
Orange Grove Loop Patapsco Valley State Park 5.6 E Y 1075
McKeldin Area Circuit Patapsco Valley State Park 6.8 E Y 731
Hilton Area Patapsco Valley State Park 5.3 M Y 641
Perimeter Loop Hashawha Environmental Education Center 4.3 E Y 490
Hemlock Gorge Prettyboy Reservoir Watershed 6 M Y 1549
Copperhead Point Out-and-Back Prettyboy Reservoir Watershed 5 E Y N/A
Gunpowder West Gunpowder Falls SP 7.2 M Y 841
Gunpowder East Gunpowder Falls SP 6.9 E Y 683
Gunpowder-Sweathhouse Branch Loop Gunpowder Falls SP 5.0 E Y 290
Gunpowder-Lost Pond Circuit Gunpowder Falls SP 5.1 E Y 302
Gunpowder - Sweet Air-East Gunpowder Falls SP 6.2 E Y N/A
Gunpowder-Sweet Air-West Gunpowder Falls SP 6.2 E Y 369
Piney Point-Middle Run Circuit Liberty Reservoir Watershed 6.3 E Y N/A
Morgan Run Loop Liberty Reservoir Watershed 8.0 E Y N/A
Morgan Run N.E.A. Liberty Reservoir Watershed 5.5 - 6.4 M Y 532
Soldier's Delight N.E.A. Soldier's Delight N.E.A. 5.3 E Y 417
Long Pond Backpack Green Ridge State Forest 9 + 2 S Y 841
C&O Canal/Long Pond Shuttle Green Ridge State Forest 9.3 - 14.7 S Y 2211
Log Roll-Deep Run/Big Run Shuttle Green Ridge State Forest 12 M N 1400
Green Ridge North Circuit Green Ridge State Forest 6.8 M Y 522
Clifford Hollow Loop Frederick Municipal Forest 8.9 M Y 1606
Four Ponds-Rock City Loop Frederick Municipal Forest 11.2 M Y 1434
Sand Flat-Salamander Circuit Frederick Municipal Forest 9.4 M Y 1000
Volkswagen Loop Frederick Municipal Forest 6.8 M Y 1183
East Ridge Loop Frederick Municipal Forest 6.8 M Y 790
Gambrill SP Loop Gambrill State Park 7.9 M Y 1333
Greenbrier State Park Greenbrier State Park 7.3 E Y 1041
Cat Rock Circuit Cunningham Falls SP 7.4-11.0 M Y 1532
Catoctin Mt Loop Cunningham Falls SP/Catoctin NP 7.5 M Y 1316
Emmitsburg Multi-User Trail System N/A 7.4 M Y 1040
Clopper Lake Circuit Seneca Creek State park 7.2 E Y N/A
Sugarloaf Mt loop Stronghold Corporation 7.4 M Y 1386
Gathland SP to Weverton Cliffs Shuttle Appalachian Trail Section 6.5 E Y 665
Weverton-Maryland Heights Out and Back N/A 9 M N -
Billy Goat Trail - Section A C&O Canal National Park 4 M N N/A
Billy Goat Trail Section C & B C&O Canal National Park 6.5 M Y N/A
Berma Road - C&O Towpath (Carderock) C&O Canal National Park 4.0 - 5.0 E Y N/A
Blockhouse Point Park-C&O Canal Loop Blockhouse Point Park 7.5 E N 595
Greenbelt Park Greenbelt Park 8.8 E N N/A
Orange Loop Cedarville Stat Forest 6.7 E Y N/A
Blue and White Loops Cedarville Stat Forest 7.3 E Y N/A
Perimeter Trail Rosaryville State Park 9.4 M Y 430
Patuxent River Park North Prince George's Parks 6.4 E Y N/A
Patuxent River Park South Prince George's Parks 6.3 E Y N/A
Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary N/A 7.4 E Y N/A
Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary N/A 5.3 E Y N/A
Glendening Preserve N/A 3.5 E Y N/A
American Chestnut Land Trust-North N/A 4.0 E y N/A
American Chestnut Land trust-South N/A 4.6 E y N/A
Calvert Cliffs State Park Circuits Calvert Cliffs State Park 5.2-7.4 E Y N/A
Susquehanna SP Susquehanna SP 8.7 M Y 903
Tuckahoe State Park Tuckahoe State Park 5-9.2 E-M Y N/A
Fair Hill NRMA-1 Fair Hill NRMA 4.4 E Y 426
Fair Hill NRMA-2 Fair Hill NRMA 7.0 E Y 494


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