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Last updated 01/26/05
Latest Published Hike(s): South Prong Trail (MNF, WV, Old Rag Mountain (SNP, VA), Little Devil's Staircase (SNP-VA).

Welcome to a web site full of information regarding hiking in the Mid-Atlantic Region ... maps, elevation profiles, directions, trail notes, references, photos.... everything you need to prepare for an excursion into the wilderness. Information for 62 hikes is now available. Venues such as, but not limited to, the GWNF-Great North Mt. (North-east and South-west areas), the northern and  central sections of the Shenandoah National Park/VA,  Massanutten Mt, VA, the Michaux State Forest in PA, the Monongahela National Forest in WV and Green Ridge State Forest are represented.
NEW!!!!! now has 3-D maps and Flash slide shows for most hikes. TOPO! GPS files will be added as the data is collected.
                                                                     M. R. Hyker

I think I my have to convert my site to this. I think I can do it as I continue to build hikes.

I'm trying this new design out. It has the advantage of navigating verically on the left side.I can edit all most every field on the site. I like it. I can put a little special picture or logo in the upper left corner.

So far I am liking this but I wish I could push the right margin of the site to the edge of the screen. seems I am restricted in that regard.