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Teddy Keizer (a.k.a. Cave Dog) is attempting to set a hiking world record. His goal is to do a 50 kilometer hike in all 50 states in less than 100 days. He solicited our help for VA, WV, MD and PA. He chose Dolly Sods, Massanutten Mt, Green Ridge Forest and the AFT as the venues for this region. We prepared maps, trail notes and some basic driving directions for him. He started his adventure on September 11th and will be hiking through this area in mid-November. Maps, trail notes and schedule are available at: If you get a chance join him for a  small segment. Tell him Mike sent you!

Last updated 09/28/05
Latest Published Hike(s): Black Forest Trail - North, PA, Roaring Plains Circuit, WV (Revised w/GPS), Ramsey's Draft, VA
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Welcome to a web site full of information regarding hiking in the Mid-Atlantic Region (PA, MD, VA and WV) ... maps, elevation profiles, directions, trail notes, references, photos.... everything you need to prepare for an excursion into the wilderness. Information for 86 hikes is now available. Venues such as, but not limited to, the GWNF-Great North Mt. (North-east and South-west areas), the northern and  central sections of the Shenandoah National Park/VA,  Massanutten Mt, VA, the Michaux State Forest in PA, the Monongahela National Forest in WV and Green Ridge State Forest are represented.
NEW!!!!! now has 3-D maps, Critique Forms and Flash slide shows for most hikes. TOPO! GPS and GPS txt files will be added as the data is collected.
                                                                     M. R. Hyker

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Black Forest Trail

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Roaring Plains/Canyon Rim

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Latest Outing Critiques
Name: Ted Boettner                 Hike: North Fork Mountain Shuttle
Date: 9/09/2005                      Ranking: 4.5

Critique: We started from the top of North Mtn, near Judy Gap on Rt. 33, and hiked the whole trail, 23.8m, which came to end on Smoke Hole River Road (below Chimney Rocks). We started at 10am and got to Redmund Trail around 6:30pm - 
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Name: Joan Paswell        Hike: Allegheny Front - East Backpack Date:9/15>9/18             Ranking: 5

Critique: I'd been wanting to do this particular backpack trip for the last two years. I was pleasantly suprised when I came across your website! With the almost identical trip that I had planned and with all this fantastic info on it and other hikes. I've saved this site to my favorites. Read More>>> 

Name: Steve Kelley                  Hike: Otter Creek Backpack
Date: Sept 17-18, 2005             Ranking: 4

Critique: If you want to experience a moderate, yet wild backpack, this is a good choice.   While the hike up Shavers Mt. is nice, there are no views other than looking up under the tree canopy; the rewards are subtle, but the solitude is sublime. 
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M. R. Hyker’s Latest Adventure(s)  

Sept 10th – 12th: This was a 3 day, 25 mile backpack in one of Penn’s crown jewels of hiking, the Black Forest. I was joined on this trek by Ted E. Bear. We had reached the general vicinity of the venue in plenty of time and found the trailheads for the Blackberry and Pine Bog trails. We would be using these as connectors on our final leg. We quickly grabbed my GPS unit and hiked up the Pine Bog Trail and found an un-charted trail to Old Mountain Road. I stored a waypoint in the unit before returning to our vehicle. (This would make things a lot easier come Monday.) We continued up Rt44 to where the BFT crossed it at its northern most point. We ate our lunch at the parking area and were in the woods by 1:00 PM. Read more >>>

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Labor Day Weekend/05: I’ve held off writing this report for two days mainly because I didn’t know where to start. This was one of those weekends in the wilderness that is so hard to describe. It would be easier if we could just paste about thirty photos on these pages and let you study them but a two-dimensional medium like this probably wouldn’t begin to translate the awesomeness of it all. I guess I’ll just begin at the beginning.


We were all assembled at the South Prong/Boar’s Nest trailhead by 12:00 noon. There was Gear Gal and Gear Guy, Hardcore, The Kid (Coca-Cola that is), Pathfinder, Gadget Girl (She’s always field testing this or that little trail goodie.), Hungry Ted, Indiana Moser and, last but not least, the Traveling Gnome. Read more >>>


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