Seneca Rocks, WV Sunrise - MRHyker

Pinnacle to Mary's Rock - SNP
MD----Billy Goat Tr
Patapsco SP - Orange Grove Area
Oregon Ridge
Sugarloaf Mt
Green Ridge State Forest, MD-Log Roll-Deep Run/Long Run Shuttle
Green Ridge State Forest - N
Weverton-Maryland Heights
PA----Kelly's Run
PA Grand Canyon
AFT - East BP
VA - Little Devil's Staircase
Jenkins Gap - Hickerson Hollow
Old Rag - SNP
Pinnacle to Mary's Rock - SNP
Difficult Run - GFNP, VA
SNP-Piney Ridge/Piney Branch Circuit
Mud Hole Gap - Massanutten Mt
Kennedy Peak Loop-Massanutten Mt
PWFP-High Meadows-Oak Ridge Loop
Tuscarora/Paddy Run Shuttle
SNP-Nicholson Hollow/Corbin Hollow Circuit
Little North Mountain
White Rock Gap - Torry Ridge
James River Front - Thunder Ridge Driving Tour
Devil's Marbleyard/Gunter Ridge Loop
Apple Orchard Falls/Cornelius Creek Loop
WV - South Prong Tr
Dolly Sods North Circuit Hike
Black Water Falls Tour
Canaan Mountain Circuit 1
Canaan Mountain 2
Canaan Mt BP - 05
Endless Wall
Fayetteville-Kaymoor Loop
New River Gorge Road Trip
Long Mountain Loop w/Bushwhack

View West from Jewell Gap. The distant range is Massanutten Mt .


View North from Jewell Gap. The Pinnacle is in the foreground to the right. Mary's Rock is the distant peak.


View from the Pinnacle- 3740 ft elevation


View East from " The Sag" of Hazel Mountain


Bird's Nest # 3 - a good break spot


View South from an un-named overlook. The high peak in the distance to the left is Stony Man Mountain.


View North from Mary's Rock. The Panorama and central Park entrance is below. The closest peak to the right is Pass Mountain.


Looking West from Mary's Rock at Massanutten Mt. See New Market Gap in the center?


Sixteen Penny stands on the highest point of Mary's Rock.


Close-up of Big Stoney Man Mountain as we descend from the Pinnacle